Vitrek Products support a variety of markets that require electrical safety, quality and compliance testing.

Following are just a few of the industries that utilize Vitrek products. Choose your application below to see how Vitrek products can work for you!

Industries Utilizing Vitrek Products Include….

  • Electronic Component & Module Manufacturers
  • Electric Motors, Machinery & Power Distribution
  • Battery Manufacturers
  • Electroplating
  • Cable & Connector Manufacturers
  • Universities
  • R & D Labs
  • Military
  • Data/Telecommunications

Appliance & Consumer Product Manufacturing

Appliance & Consumer Product Manufacturing

Vitrek understands that appliance and consumer product manufacturers have unique requirements for product safety and compliance testing, which is why we provide you with the highest quality and cost effective compliance testing equipment and software for your special testing applications.

Products include:

  • Large home appliances including refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers and air conditioners
  • Small home appliances including toasters, microwaves, blenders, and more
  • Personal electronics including cell phones, tablets, electronic watches, health monitors
  • Home electronics including televisions, stereos, speakers, clocks and more
  • Office equipment including computers, servers, printers, monitors, keyboards and peripherals

Electronic devices must meet specific standards that require measurement and testing during the manufacturing process. The global nature of the electronics industry often requires products to meet international safety standardes. Vitrek hipot testers are designed to implement pre-programmed tests to confirm product compliance to the relevant electrical safety standards.

Electronic devices, particularly power conversion systems (power supplies, adjustable frequency drives, uninterruptible power supplies, etc.) typically require careful design practices to assure compliance with conducted emissions standards and efficiency objectives. Vitrek power analyzers provide an excellent tool to perform these important measurements.

Most home appliances are a combination of electro-mechanical systems and sophisticated electronic controls. As such, the electronics have the same requirements for compliance testing as most other electronic devices. In addition, the unit itself must also meet electrical safety standards requiring hipot testing.

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Lighting Products

Lighting Industry Products

Lighting manufacturers have unique requirements for product testing, which is why Vitrek provides you with the highest quality and cost effective lighting test equipment and software for your special testing applications.

Products include:

  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • CFL
  • Electronic HID
  • Induction Lamps
  • LEDs

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Military & Aerospace Applications

Military & Aerospace electronics require similar testing for electrical safety as other electronics, but test to different standards. Vitrek testers are easily programmed to perform these test procedures at the accuracies needed to ensure safety in both of these industries.

In addition, Vitrek’s power analyzers are well-suited to meet the requirements for performing accurate studies of military/aerospace 400 Hz and 800 Hz power distribution systems and power conversion devices. Vitrek products are used world-wide in military calibration and test labs.

Additional details will be available soon!


Medical & Healthcare Devices

Medical & healthcare products frequently require testing to more stringent standards, requiring precise procedures and accurate measurements. Vitrek’s hipot testers are designed with the sensitivity to perform leakage current measurements in compliance with these standards.

Vitrek’s high voltage meters are used in tests that require a high accuracy such as in testing radiological devices and other high voltage diagnostic equipment.

Additional details on medical applications will be available soon!


Automotive Industry

With the emergence of electric and hybrid vehicles, testing has taken on a new dimension for automotive electrical safety testing.  In addition to the standard automotive safety testing, battery systems operate at very high (and increasing) voltages requiring the accurate measurements that are possible with Vitrek’s high voltage meters. In addition, cable insulation testing is done using Vitrek’s hipot testers and multi-point switching system with record storage utilizing QT Enterprise software.

Additional details for automotive testing will be available soon!



Cal labs & R & D departments require high accuracy, product reliability and ease-of-use. They have relied on Vitrek products for over 25 years. Whether testing product upgrades or new products, ensuring the safety of these products is the number one priority. Both hipot and ground bond testers along with high voltage meters are often found in these facilities. Electrical safety testers (hipot) and high voltage meters are found in calibration facilities, test labs, national standard laboratories and R & D facilities worldwide. In addition, Vitrek operates an ISO17025 accredited calibration lab in our manufacturing facility. Our products are initially shipped with calibration documentation and we offer recalibration services at our San Diego, California facility.

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Energy & Solar

With the emergence of new solar and energy technologies the requirements for compliance, efficiency and safety tests expand as well. Vitrek’s family of test and measurement products are ideal to ensure that your energy products are meeting today’s stringent requirements for energy products. Testing in the solar and energy industries can include photovoltaics, inverters, motors, batteries and more!

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System Integrator

System integrators require a unique set of equipment to meet the variety of process control and automation requirements. Vitrek products are ideal for these applications due to the ease and flexibility of programming tests and supports a variety of interfaces including USB, RS-232, GPIB or Ethernet. Programming languages can be C, C++, VB or TCL and all use the same general formats for commands and query responses, and all data uses standard 7-bit ASCII character set. All equipment manuals provide programming commands and syntaxes. In addition, integrators may choose to utilize LabView or Vitrek’s own QT Enterprise Software for test management and record keeping.

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