RazorMax Express 16 CompuScope
16-Bit, 1 GS/s, PXIe Gen3 Digitizer / Oscilloscope

The GaGe RazorMax Express CompuScope PXIe Gen3 x8 digitizer features unprecedented speed and resolution with either four or two 16-bit channels at 1 GS/s and 600 MHz bandwidth, and PXIe Gen3 data streaming rates up to 5.2 GB/s in a 3U Single Slot PXIe form factor.

The PXIe Gen3 x8 interface doubles the top theoretical speed of previous PXIe Gen2 x8 modules to 8 GB/s, supporting real-time data streaming rates at up to 5.2 GB/s. It also minimizes the transfer wait time in half for offloading data acquired directly onto large onboard digitizer module memory, allowing for even more responsive test measurement applications.

The RazorMax Express is also available with two or four 16-bit channels at 500 MS/s and 300 MHz bandwidth. All models feature 4 GS (8 GB) of onboard digitizer sample memory standard.

The PXIe (PCI Express eXtensions for Instrumentation) form factor is a modular architecture platform for building high-performance and rugged industrial electronic test equipment, automation systems, and modular laboratory instruments. GaGe, a product brand of Vitrek LLC, is a proud member of the industry standard governed PXI Systems Alliance (PXISA) that ensures standards compliance and system interoperability for PXIe instruments.

Starting at $12,325