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Vitrek’s Most Powerful & Flexible Electrical Safety Test Automation Software Available….Yet Surprisingly Easy-To-Use and Affordable!

QT Enterprise Software

Maximum Flexibility – QT Enterprise software is available for use with Vitrek V7X and 95X Series Hipot testers in addition to the 98X Series of IR Tester/Teraohmmeters to streamline your test sequences and provide the features you want…and need…for your electrical safety tests.

Procedures stored via QT Enterprise can be recalled via a barcoded scan to enable fast and accurate setup. In situations where multiple test points are involved, the software can interface with Vitrek’s 964i High Voltage Switching Systems, operating in conjunction with V7X & 95X Hipot Testers to further automate the process. For complex setups, QT Enterprise can display detailed instructions and images to the operator to ensure proper connections prior to testing.

Maximize Productivity – Increase productivity and eliminate human error by using a barcode scanner to read the DUT model number and instantly bring up the correct, ready-to-run test sequence. Multiple DUT model numbers can be linked to a given test sequence. When configured to require a serial number entry, the barcode scanner can load the data and launch the test all from the tug of a trigger. Vitrek’s QT Enterprise software is the most powerful and easy-to-use test automation software in the industry. Download a copy today and watch your productivity shift into hyper speed.

Maximum Results – QT Enterprise records the results of every test. By using fi ltering functions provided, individual tests can be recalled for auditing purposes or detailed analysis on testing or product performance. Results of recalled tests can be saved as PDF or CSV as if the test was just performed.

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A Closer Look at the Features That Drive Our Flexible Software

Vitrek’s QT Enterprise Software embodies the key principles in electrical safety testing, offering a unique solution designed to meet the rigorous demands of many global industries. Our state-of-the-art software streamlines the process of electrical safety testing, ensuring compliance with international standards while boosting productivity. By integrating advanced features with user-friendly functionalities, QT Enterprise Software stands as the pinnacle of testing innovation, catering to a broad spectrum of industry requirements.

QT Enterprise Software is engineered with versatility and performance at its core. Key features include an intuitive interface that simplifies the setup and execution of tests, comprehensive data management tools for detailed analysis and reporting, and robust security measures to protect sensitive information. Compatibility with a wide range of testing equipment further enhances its flexibility, making it a versatile choice for various testing scenarios.

The software’s automation capabilities significantly reduce manual intervention, minimizing the risk of human error and increasing throughput. Real-time monitoring and customizable test sequences allow for precise control over the testing process, ensuring accurate and repeatable results. With support for multi-language operations, QT Enterprise Software facilitates global deployment, bridging the gap between diverse teams and standardizing testing protocols across international operations.

To learn more about our QT Enterprise Software and how to link it with your existing processes, contact Vitrek today!

Pair Your Electrical Safety Test Automation Software With Our Powerful Hipot Testers and Technology

To fully leverage the capabilities of QT Enterprise Software, pairing it with Vitrek’s high-performance Hipot testers and technology is essential. These devices are renowned for their accuracy, durability, and ease of use, offering a seamless integration with the software. Our software can be paired with options like our 95x series testers, including the 951, 952, 953, 954, 955, 956, 957, or 959, quality products that deliver versatile, efficient production for numerous industries. 

You can also pair the software with a Vitrek’s 98X IR Tester/Teraohmmeter or a Vitrek V7X instrument running main firmware v1.10 or later, as recommended. This variability adds plenty of balance and efficiency to any operation.

Vitrek’s hipot testers are designed to accommodate a wide range of voltages and frequencies, making them suitable for a variety of applications. Their advanced diagnostic features help identify potential issues early in the testing process, prevent costly downtime, and ensure product integrity. When used in conjunction with QT Enterprise Software, these testers provide a comprehensive solution that streamlines workflows, optimizes resource utilization, and elevates the overall quality of electrical safety testing.

Take Advantage of Our Electrical Safety Test Automation Software for Multiple Industries

Medical Devices

The safety and efficacy of products are non-negotiable in the medical device industry. QT Enterprise Software offers unique solutions that address the challenges of medical device testing, from stringent regulatory compliance to complex testing requirements. The software’s precision and reliability support the development of safe, high-quality medical devices that save lives and improve patient outcomes.


The automotive industry’s shift towards electrification and smart technology has introduced new complexity to electrical safety testing. QT Enterprise Software meets these challenges head-on, providing robust testing solutions that ensure the safety and reliability of automotive electrical systems. From battery testing to onboard electronics verification, our software delivers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.


The margin for error is virtually nonexistent in aerospace, and our QT Enterprise Software provides a critical layer of assurance. Its advanced testing capabilities support the rigorous evaluation of aerospace components, making sure they meet the highest standards of safety and performance. From navigating the complexities of avionics testing to ensuring the reliability of electrical systems, QT Enterprise Software is an indispensable tool for many.


QT Enterprise Software enables efficient, automated testing processes that align with lean manufacturing principles. It facilitates quick identification and resolution of issues, reducing scrap rates and enhancing product quality across a wide range of manufactured goods.

Speak With Vitrek Today to Learn More About Our QT Enterprise Software

Vitrek’s QT Enterprise Software represents the forefront of electrical safety testing technology. Its comprehensive feature set, combined with our industry-leading Hipot testers and other products in our arsenal, offers fantastic solutions for enhancing the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of electrical safety testing across multiple industries. Whether you’re involved in medical devices, automotive, aerospace, or manufacturing, QT Enterprise Software can be tailored to meet your specific testing requirements. Contact Vitrek today to learn more.