Vitrek is proud to announce the acquisition of XiTRON Technologies Brand & Product Lines.

XT2640 Power Analyzer

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xitron vitrek xt2640 power analyzer front

2553 Power Analyzer

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2553 xitron vitrek power analyzer

2503AH Power Analyzer

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xitron vitrek 2503 power analyzer front

280X Series Power Analyzer

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xitron vitrek 280x power analyzer

257xR Series Ballast Analyzer

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Vitrek Xitron 257xR Ballast analyzer

1500 Line/Load Chassis

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Xitron Vitrek 1500 Load Chassis

XT1600 Portable Micro-Spectrometer

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vitrek xitron 1600 microspectrometer

2000 Series Portable Calibration Instrument

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vitrek xitron 2000 portable calibration instrument

XT560B Digital Milliohmmeter

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vitrek xitron xt560 milliohmmeter

XT9812 DC Load

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vitrek xitron xt9812 front

XiTRON Accessories

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XiTRON Legacy Products

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