MTI App Note: Step Height Measurement (Thickness) of Copper Foil or EV Battery Film on a Roller Rig

Step Height Measurement (Thickness) of Copper Foil or EV Battery Film on a Roller Rig Leverage MTI Instruments' digital Accumeasure system to measure the thickness of the material used as anode and cathode plates in rechargeable Li-Ion battery cells Introduction Figure 1. Simplified structure of a Li-Ion battery cell This white [...]

GaGe Application Note: Creating a Data Link Signal Integrity Test Platform

Creating a Data Link Signal Integrity Test Platform This application note describes how a manufacturer of data links utilizes GaGe Instruments’ PC-based high-speed data acquisition digitizers to perform production-level signal integrity testing. Data Link Device Testing The data link device under test (Figure 1) is characterized by comparing test signals that are [...]

MTI Application Note: Testing for Connector Failure Due To Vibration or Shock

Testing for Connector Failure Due to Vibration or Shock Mobile Communications Equipment Needs Reliable Connectors That Will Not Disconnect with Shock or Vibration Introduction A large multinational company approached MTI to provide a sensor capable of measuring displacement that also wouldn’t load [...]

Webinar Recap: Electrical Safety Testing for the Appliance & Consumer Product Industries

Vitrek is proud to hold educational webinars for our customers in various industries with information and products that are relevant to their applications. One such industry that relies on some of the technology that we offer is the appliance and consumer products industry, which requires extensive electrical safety testing in order to bring their products [...]

White Paper: Electrical Safety & Compliance Testing for Appliance & Consumer Product Manufacturers

   Introduction Electrical appliances, computers and peripherals, power tools and other devices found in the home and office environments must be tested to confirm adherence to a plethora of stringent certification standards. The vast array of consumer devices for the home and office — from blenders and ovens to computers and high-definition LED TVs [...]


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