Vitrek Hires New President Gary Schafer to Build Synergies
Among Company’s Signature Brands Used in Key Industries

Vitrek is positioning its multiple brands — Vitrek, GaGe, MTI Instruments – as a company offering a unique selection of test and measurement instruments used in a wide range of applications

Lockport, IL—February 21, 2024—Vitrek today announces the appointment of Gary Schafer as the company’s new president. Vitrek is a major manufacturer of a wide array of products, including precision electrical safety testing equipment, high-speed data acquisition and signal recording products, and advanced metrology and simulation instruments. Chosen for his record of accomplishment transforming organizations while driving revenue growth, Schafer’s goal is to promote the company’s unique selection of complementary products offered under its signature brands: Vitrek, MTI Instruments and GaGe. To support this goal, Vitrek has also appointed Michelle Sweetman as head of marketing based on her success in corporate rebranding.

“Vitrek is getting out the message that we offer a vast selection of test systems, instruments and software for many different-yet-synergistic applications – from test and measurement to data acquisition and signal recording, to engine vibration and balancing,” said Don Millstein, Vitrek’s CEO. “With his proven record and experience, Gary Schafer is the ideal choice as our new president. With the support of Michelle Sweetman heading up marketing, Gary will help us educate the test-engineering community that Vitrek is a one-of-a-kind company with all the necessary product capabilities to support key, global industries.”

Vitrek’s signature brands combine to serve the needs for precision instrumentation for use in semiconductor manufacturing, aviation and aerospace, electromobility, and many other industries. Products include:

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About Vitrek

Since 1990, Vitrek has provided innovative global solutions for high voltage test and measurement including electrical safety compliance testers, multi-point high voltage switching systems and graphical power analyzers. Vitrek is the parent company of several industry related brands, including XiTRON, MTI Instruments, GaGe, Signatec and KineticSystems. Our portfolio of products include test and measurement solutions including high-voltage, safety and compliance testing solutions, non-contact measurement devices, portable signal simulators and calibrators, semiconductor/solar metrology systems and turbine engine/rotating machine balancing. Our data-acquisition brands add a wide array of board-level data acquisition and integrated real-time signal recording system solutions from GaGe, Signatec, and KineticSystems. Vitrek also supplies precision high voltage measurement standards to national laboratories and calibration labs around the world. This unique and complementary combination of product and engineering capabilities positions Vitrek as a leading provider of test solutions serving the photovoltaic, medical equipment, power conversion, electrical/electronic component, semiconductor, aerospace and appliance industries. Vitrek is an accredited ISO 17025 Calibration Laboratory and ISO 9001:2015 Certified organization.