2553 Series Power Analyzer – Three Phase, Internal or External Current

*Discontinued – Replaced by PA903AH

2553 Power Analyzers feature the ideal combination of precision, speed and ease-of-use in an instrument so economical it can be on every bench.

The 2503AH Analyzers measure power, voltage, and current up to 500 kHz with premier precision. Available parameters include V, A, W, Power Factor, Crest Factor, K Factor, THD, Harmonics, Phase, VA, VAR, W.Hr, Triplens, Impedance, Inrush, Mean-Peak Values, Efficiency- Loss, etc.

Vitrek power analysis instruments have set the standard for production testing. Independent channel control and unparalleled flexibility and speed have made the 2503AH-3CH the instrument of choice in 3-phase power analysis. The 2503AH-1CH/2CH offers cost effective solutions for single or two-phase application such as power supply and appliance testing.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Low Cost/High Performance
  • Measures and displays power, frequency, harmonics, THD, CF, K-Factor, Triplens & Inrush
  • Up to 1500 volts peak, 40 amps peak internally & up to 10,000 amps with the use of External CTs
  • DC and 20mHz – 80kHz Frequency Range
  • Graphics Display shows numerical results, waveforms, bar graphs & history plots
  • 16-bit A-D takes up to 220k samples/second
  • Simple 6-key user interface
  • PCL/Text Printer output, IEEE488 interface included
  • 1Ø2W, 1Ø3W, 3Ø3W and 3Ø4W configurable using the same wiring

Condensed Specifications – For full specifications contact Vitrek

Voltage: Range 950Vpk, 400Vpk, 1500Vpk (see ordering information)
Internal Current: Range8Apk, 40Apk (see ordering information)External Current Transducers (Option E only)
Current: Current
Current: 10Arms for 50ms, 2.5Arms continuous, 5Apk measurable
Scaling (In=Out) = +0000.00A = 00.0000A through +-9999.99A = 9999.99A
Current: Voltage
Voltage: 25Vpk for 50ms, 2.5Vrms continuous, 2.5Vpk measurable
Scaling (In=Out) = +0000.00V = 00.0000V through +-9999.99V = 9999.99V

0.05% of range


20 mHz to 80 kHz, 0.01%

RANGE: 1 to 99
ACCURACY: from peak results

FREQUENCY RANGE: 20 mHz to 50 kHz Typical accuracy at line frequencies of 50/60 Hz: THD: 0.1% Harmonic: 0.05% Phase: 0.1o

Actual, Peak Capture and Distortion content

V&A (rms, peak, envelope, THD), Watts, VAR, PF User-selectable time base from 400 msec/div to 1 day/div Resolution 1/20 division

POWER INPUT: 80-265 Vrms autoselect, 40 – 400 Hz @ 25 VA max
SIZE: ( H x W xD) 4 -1/ 2∫ x11-1/ 2∫ x10 -1/ 2∫
WEIGHT: 8 lbs
OPERATING RANGE: 0°C to 45°C, <85% RH @ 40oC non-condensing STORAGE RANGE: -30°C to 65°C <95% RH @ 40oC non-condensing Digital interfaces (standard)
Full talk/listen capabilities
Parallel: IEEE1284, unformatted text or PCL compatible

Unit is supplied with one Vitrek T5 universal external power supply, 100-240Vrms, 50-60Hz, with a 2.5mm 12VDC output plug and a three prong IEC320 AC inlet receptacle, plus a three-prong AC power cord.

Two Years

Ordering & Accessories

Below prices in US$ are for destinations in North America with terms of prepay, net 30 days (OAC) and accepted credit cards. For shipment beyond North America or terms beyond 30 days, please contact the factory for a quotation. If you require rush/expedited shipment please contact Vitrek at (858) 689-2755 or email info@vitrek.com

2553 Power Analyzer Units

2553 Power Analyzer Options & Accessories


Vitrek products and accessories are available for rent. Please contact the factory for a rental quotation on the items and period of time you desire. Vitrek offers a generous rental allowance for rentals that are converted to a purchase and rentals of 12 months come with a 10% buyout.


*140k, LabView 7.0 – Displays most relevant parameters plus voltage and current graphs, and allows the user to log data to an Excel-compatible file.

*900k, PDF – This guide contains details regarding the techniques used in 2553 power analyzers to product the measurement results.

*148k, LabView 7 – This application combines two 2553s with IEEE to create a cost effective three-phase efficiency measurement.

*63k, LabView 6 – Use this to upload new firmware into a 2551 or 2553.