Training tomorrow’s scientists, engineers, and technicians can prove an exhausting job for educators. You need to ensure the curriculum meets the highest academic standards, the students remain engaged, and the classrooms are equipped with the best equipment possible. As they move on from your classrooms, you want to ensure they’re ready to face whatever challenges they’ll face in the outside world. 

Additionally, for colleges and universities looking to provide their students with the best equipment possible to further their studies, finding a reliable source can prove crucial. Vitrek combines the best available data collection technology — like hipot testers — with an affordable academic discount program to get the highest-quality equipment. 

Keeping Students on the Cutting Edge

As students look to further their education and push their skills to the next level, the equipment they use plays a significant role in developing their skills. If they’re using outdated equipment and methodology, they fall behind their peers with access to higher-end equipment used in their respective fields. 

Science and data capture technology constantly evolve and adapt to the market’s current demands. To put their students in the best position to succeed, they need access to these better pieces of equipment. Fortunately, through Vitrek’s Academic Discount Program, colleges receive a 15% academic discount on Vitrek and XiTRON products. 

University Labs Preparing Their Students for Labs After Graduation

The world of real-world laboratories is always changing and evolving with the times as technological advances happen. To properly prepare your students for what is awaiting them after graduation, you need to keep your student labs stocked with the latest power reading technology, so they have practical experience using the newer equipment. 

Since we supply professional engineering and testing laboratories with state-of-the-art testing equipment, your students will have access to professional-grade data capture technology. Thanks to our academic discount program, you can sufficiently supply your student labs with the technology that will help prepare them for the next stages of their career in the engineering and scientific fields. 

Technical Schools Looking to Make Upgrades

Technical schools offer students a range of benefits as they prepare for their future careers. Traditional four-year colleges offer their students a wide range of classes that aim to give them a balanced education in multiple fields of study. However, technical schools focus squarely on the courses that will help you in your future career. 

As technical college students continue preparing for their future careers, the school’s facilities need to have equipment that prepares them for their chosen profession. Vitrek offers a wide range of voltmeters, power analyzers, microspectrometers, and more to give your students a complete education on what to expect from their chosen field. 

Vocational Schools

As students prepare to enter the workforce, vocational training schools offer them a viable career path toward their future. They learn their trade of choice, get accustomed to the techniques involved, and receive a full vocational education during their time as a student. As vocational programs welcome more students, they want to ensure these students receive everything they need before they begin their vocational careers. 

Vocational schools have access to our academic discount program and can ensure their students access the best testing, analyzing, and measurement devices available. Vitrek’s Academic Discount Program ensures that vocational schools have the same access to amazing deals and high-quality products that other education programs offer their students and puts them on an even playing field. 

Learn More About Vitrek’s Academic Discount Program!

Higher education programs aim to take the freshly graduated high school students, those with the GEDs, and people looking to control their future and prepare them for what’s next. Providing these people with the tools necessary to succeed at the next level is something that every institution wants to achieve but can find it difficult to make the budget work. Thankfully, the Vitrek Academic Discount Program can help!

We offer universities, vocational schools, graduate programs, technical colleges, and training facilities a 15% academic discount on Vitrek and XiTron products to help prepare students with the latest technology. We help ensure these programs can give their students a leg up for their future. 

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