ALBANY, N.Y., November 16, 2020 — MTI Instruments, Inc. (“MTI Instruments”), the operating subsidiary of Mechanical Technology, Incorporated (OTC Pink: MKTY), announces the completion of its historic order for the United States Air Force, a $3.3 million contract awarded publicly in May 2020 that includes 52 PBS-4100+ engine vibration measurement and balancing systems. This order was made pursuant to the multi-year contract entered into by MTI Instruments and the United States Air Force in July 2016 and marks the single largest order of PBS-4100+ Systems received by MTI Instruments to date. MTI fulfilled the order in its entirety with its last shipment going out for delivery in October 2020 and is now entering the third quarter with significant revenue growth.

“We are always pleased to build upon our longstanding relationship with the United States Air Force, and this particular contract is also one that our team is very proud of. We were not only able to fulfill the USAF’s needs for a high-quality solution, but also provided a timely delivery ahead of schedule—despite the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presented. This is a great accomplishment and speaks to our employees’ unwavering dedication to our customers,” said Moshe Binyamin, president of MTI Instruments.

Designed to swiftly pinpoint engine problems and eliminate avoidable engine removals, the PBS-4100+ series will now serve as a critical diagnostic tool throughout the United State Air Force. The contract also enables direct access to MTI’s customer support team which is available 24/7, 365.

As a lightweight, portable engine vibration balancing system with robust diagnostics, the solution is quickly gaining popularity among MTI’s military aviation customers, including several Department of Defense contracts in the past few months alone. The PBS-4100+ series is often touted for its durable design with internal shock isolation and passive cooling features to ensure that the system can withstand even the most rugged field conditions. It also delivers added versatility as it services all commercial and military turbofan, turbojet and turboshaft engines with pre-programmed parameters enabling rapid deployment in the field. The PBS-4100+ also weds a real-time measurement computer with a Microsoft Windows-based platform, a standard operating system that makes it easy to maintain and support.

The configuration and the intuitive user interface make the PBS-4100+ system easy to use, while the built-in rapid diagnostics and traceability reporting help aviation customers reduce labor hours and minimize engine downtime by reducing maintenance needs. The system seamlessly collects data from a wide range of sensors to provide vibration readings which are then collected, converted and presented in desired units. The frequency spectrums are displayed for all channels using clear, concise full-color graphics indicating where vibration problems exist at the source. In addition, waterfall spectrums can pinpoint speed-related issues. The solution offers trouble-free and accurate trim balancing with the touch of a button to reduce vibration levels and get aircraft back into service.

“With its impressive diagnostics and portability, the PBS-4100+ series will quickly prove to be an invaluable asset to the Air Force,” said Ken Ameika, global director of PBS Products, MTI Instruments. “The PBS-4100+ series is already well-used by our freight aviation customers and in recent months, our military customers are similarly finding that the instrument’s real-time data is exceptional in helping to address propulsion readiness and optimize engine performance.”

To date, MTI Instruments has served all branches of the United States military, including providing mission-critical solutions to the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), the Coast Guard, and the U.S. Army. This latest generation of PBS-4100 systems joins earlier models already serving air fields and test cells, both domestic and abroad. MTI has also seen increased interest in PBS accessory and support kits for the military via third-party logistic organizations, including increased sales of B-52/AWACS, C-17, KC-135 and A-10 to ensure system readiness across the USAF at large.

As a U.S. manufacturer, MTI Instruments’ products are designed, manufactured and supported from its headquarters in Albany, New York. Binyamin, who was appointed president in September 2020, is now part of a new management team hyper-focused on building upon the company’s growth. With additional solution offerings on the horizon, Binyamin plans to expand upon its customer service programs to continue to address customer needs.

“MTI Instruments’ customer-centric approach is what truly sets us apart from other manufacturers and has continued to fuel contract interest year over year, even during these challenging economic times,” said Binyamin.