Manual vs. Semi-Automated Metrology Systems: An Analysis

In the world of precision measurement, metrology systems play a vital role. Choosing the right system – manual or semi-automated – can significantly impact the efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity of your operations. As a provider of both manual and semi-automated metrology systems, MTI Instruments is uniquely capable of comparing their features, benefits, and what [...]

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Capacitance Sensing vs. Strain Gauge Sensing Application Note

Capacitance Sensing vs. Strain Gauge Sensing Application Note Capacitance probes that are embedded in piezo flexure stages can provide significantly greater accuracy than strain gauges. Although some minor mounting modifications are required, capacitance probes with picoscale positioning provide higher linearity, greater long-term stability, and better direct measurement. Capacitance sensors cost more, however, and are [...]

Why Demand for SiC Wafers is Hot and Durable

Why Demand for SiC Wafers is Hot and Durable Pardon the pun, but SiC wafers are a hot item for high-temperature applications. Silicone carbide (SiC), a semiconductor containing both silicon and carbide, withstands temperatures up to 2700°C. Carborundum, as this durable ceramic is also known, finds additional applications in bulletproof vests, extrusion dies, sandpaper, [...]

Measurements with Capacitance Gage for Sub-Nanometer Thermal Expansion Characterization

MTI Instruments contracted an independent Metrology expert to test and verify the performance of a new high resolution capacitance gauge. The Accumeasure HD has passed in house testing where its performance was tested against a commercial laser interferometer (See Application Note). Optical Metrology Solutions (OMS) was chosen based on their extensive experience and proximity [...]

MTI’s Accumeasure HD Amplifier vs. Laser Interferometer

Achieving high resolution and accuracy for very small displacement measurements is generally an expensive and complex undertaking.  The typical instrument of choice for achieving the accuracy required (picometer resolution with nanometer accuracy) is a laser interferometer.  However, MTI Instruments Accumeasure D200HD Amplifier provides exceptional accuracy and stability while coming in at significant cost savings with [...]

The Growing Need for Industry 4.0 Testing and Validation Tools

Industry 4.0 means that manufacturers need to test and validate more sensors. MTI Instruments 1510A portable signal generator can help. Industry 4.0 is spurring a dramatic increase in the number of sensors that manufacturers need to install, test, validate, and maintain. Although these industrial sensors are packaged to withstand harsh environments, they’re still [...]

Capacitance Sensing for Non-Contact Thickness Measurements of Insulating Materials

Capacitance sensing can be used to make non-contact thickness measurements for most insulating materials. Capacitance sensors are known for their ability to precisely measure the thickness and position of conductive targets, but what’s less known is that these sensors can also measure the thickness of non-conductive materials. Examples include glass, sapphire, and plastics, as [...]

Microsoft Windows 7 Security Advisory and Impact on MTI PBS-4100+ Users

Learn about this important security advisory and its impact on MTI-PBS-4100+ users. What is the Microsoft Windows 7 Security Advisory? Microsoft will no longer provide maintenance on Windows Version 7 in January of this year after 10-years of supporting the product.  Microsoft does this across their product lines (not just Windows) in order to [...]

Digital Laser Sensor Combines Speed, Convenience and Accuracy with Ethernet Capability

MTI’s Microtrak™ 4 is a high-speed digital laser sensor that’s easy to setup, convenient to use, and dependably accurate. Use this compact, non-contact metrology system for measuring height, flatness, thickness, alignment, vibration, and more. Made in the USA by MTI Instruments, the Microtrak™ 4 is ready to use right out-of-the-box and provides fast, reliable, [...]

Direct Digital Outputs for Precise Sensor Measurement Without Programming

MTI’s Digital Accumeasure converts highly reliable capacitive electric field measurements into highly precise 24-bit digital readings. This digital capacitance displacement gauge interfaces with DASYLab, data acquisition (DAQ) software from Measurement Computing with tools and functions for application development without programming. By interfacing MTI’s Digital Accumeasure with DASYLab, you can get precise sensor measurements without [...]


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