Popular spectrum analyzer application requires no programming; New features expand and enhance functionality

Lockport, IL—June 2, 2022—Signatec, a Vitrek brand, is a US-based manufacturer of signal data recording systems, announces five significant feature additions to its SpectraScopeRT Windows-based spectrum analyzer application software. SpectraScopeRT allows for integrated operational control of both the downconverter receiver and the digitizer for signal capture, analysis and real-time streaming of signal recordings, all without requiring any programming. The new feature upgrades are designed to expand and enhance the functionality of the software platform.

Here is a quick summary of SpectraScopeRT’s five new features.

  1. Multiple, Defined RF Systems – Multiple RF Systems, with multiple receivers and digitizers, can now be defined and added for operations within a single running instance of SpectraScopeRT
  2. Receiverless Direct Under Sampling Method – SpectraScopeRT supports a physically receiverless system with the use of a virtual receiver setup panel
  3. Server and Remote Client Editions with Script Based Operations Support – Multiple systems running the new SpectraScopeRT Server Edition can be accessed and operated as remote nodes with a single user interface over an Ethernet network
  4. Save/Restore Display Plot Configurations -Capable of saving targeted display plots, including customized defined color schemes and layouts, along with configuration files, thus obviating the need to manually re-apply display settings when loading saved system configurations
  5. External Clock Option – Digitizers that are part of the RF system can be clocked from an external frequency source. The external clock is used when a required sample rate is not a part of the native sample rate selections for the digitizer or to synchronously clock multiple digitizers

“SpectraScopeRT is the go-to software platform for engineers working in a wide range of RF disciplines,” said Gerald Allgaier, Signatec’s Systems Specialist “Responding to direct feedback from our customers, we’ve added new features so that SpectraScopeRT offers even more time-saving functionality.”

A more extensive description of these new features is available here.

About Signatec

Signatec, a Vitrek brand, is a US-based producer of PC-based hardware and software signal data recording systems featuring embedded programmable FPGA, DSP and arbitrary waveform generation/playback capabilities. Signatec systems combine the performance features of oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and signal generators delivering fully integrated solutions. Established in 1988, Signatec’s advanced high-speed and real-time products are used in signal technology applications for aerospace and defense, SIGINT, radar, high-speed communications, laboratory test & measurement, medical Imaging and more.