ALBANY, N.Y., April 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ MTI Instruments, Inc. (“MTI Instruments”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mechanical Technology, Incorporated, (NASDAQ: MKTY), announced today that its Accumeasure HD system technology has been proven to measure distances as small as 69 picometers, setting a new bar for capacitance systems.

The results were recently published in a white paper by Kevin Harding of Optical Metrology Solutions. Harding’s white paper can be accessed on MTI Instruments’ website. Harding’s independent study confirmed the findings of an internal experiment by MTI Instruments that concluded the Accumeasure HD system can provide picometer-level accuracy when used with 50-micron HD capacitive probes.

The findings of the Harding study, combined with MTI Instruments’ experiment and a review of the specifications of other capacitance systems on the market, showed that the Accumeasure HD system produces the highest resolution capacitive measurements in the world.

“This is a game changer for semiconductor and telescope manufacturers, aerospace research and development professionals, seismologists and others who depend on precise thermal-displacement measurements,” said Moshe Binyamin, President of MTI Instruments. “Our Accumeasure HD system is not only the most advanced capacitance system, but it also stands up to more costly laser interferometers, which until now had been the industry standard for achieving this level of accuracy.”

To test the Accumeasure HD system, Harding provided local heating to the back of a 6-millimeter thick, optical mirror with an unprotected gold coating. The results, as reported in Harding’s white paper, indicate that 69 picometer deviation as a “lower limit” with “clearly resolvable changes available in the 300 picometer range” conclusively demonstrated the Accumeasure HD system’s capabilities to measure picometer-level thermal deviations in practical applications.

Mr. Harding has nearly 40 years of professional experience in the optics, vision and metrology fields. Mr. Harding holds over 80 patents and is the author of numerous books and scientific articles. Mr. Harding earned his undergraduate degree in Physics from Rider College and his Masters in Science degree in Optics from the University of Rochester.

“We are always innovating and pushing the envelope at MTI Instruments. Looking ahead, we welcome opportunities to embed the Accumeasure HD technology into other measurement devices for new applications, such as pressure sensors and seismographs,” said Don Welch, Director Emeritus of New Business Development at MTI Instruments. “Many industries can benefit from this accurate, stable and powerful system.”

The MTI Instruments Accumeasure HD system is a two-channel, picometer scale, capacitance based, displacement measurement instrument for conductive targets. The Accumeasure HD system achieves extremely high resolution with the aid of external preamplifiers that are located close to the probes that eliminate parasitic capacitance effects, which cause noise. Digital communication is provided via ethernet or USB, and the bandwidth and range extension of the probes are digitally programmable.

As a U.S. manufacturer, MTI Instruments’ products are designed, manufactured and supported in Albany, New York.


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