Current Sensors use two main techniques. A current transformer divides current. So for instance a 100:1 current transformer would see an input of 10A and output 100mA.

Note that this technique is only useful for AC current. When using a current transformer you can directly input the current into one of our internal shunts as long as you stay within the current limitations of the input. Notice that current transformers are inductive so they act as a low pass filter. If you use a current transformer it is important to select a transformer that will work accurately at your frequency of interest.

The other key technique for sensors is the Hall effect. The advantage of the Hall effect is that it can be used for both AC & DC current. Since the Hall effect outputs a voltage proportional to current you need to make sure that you input connect these to one of our cards with an “X” current input. These cards are designed to interpret changes in voltage as changes in current.

Once you connect your sensors go into MEAS CONFIG and you will see this:





Simply go into scale and enter the correct scaling for your sensor. After that, the PA9xx will read current with the correct scaling and units.


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