Sheet Metal Monitoring


When sheet metal is formed in a continuous process it needs monitoring during the actual feed prior to machining or forming to prevent defects and scrap.  One way to accomplish this is to use a laser sensor to measure the thickness.

A major electrical equipment manufacturer needed a way to monitor the incoming material just prior to shearing and forming. The device needed to be robust, non-contact, reliable, accurate, and fast. The client would be using their data acquisition system and needed something that was easy to connect and configure.

The Microtrak™ 3 is a Dual Output – Analog (0-10V) and Digital (RS-485 and USB) sensor that offers a variety of configuration options. Easily coupled with the clients DA system it was configured in no time. Implementation was not only quick but completed with minimal disruption to the operation.

laser measuring thickness of metal sheet

A pair of LTS-120-20 lasers to measure the thickness coupled to their sigPOD 1302 compact 2-channel monitor provided the solution. A small fixture was mounted to the roller frame to hold the sensors in place. Preventing deviations before they occur provided a winning combination.