The Basics of Insulation Resistance Testing and Why It’s So Important

An insulating material is one that resists electricity trying to flow through it. Insulators help resist shock and short circuits, making electrical insulation one of the most critical components in any building or system. This also means that measuring resistance is especially important, and you must have a clear understanding of the resistance levels [...]

Why You Need Automotive Cable Tests Before Cars Hit the Road

The automotive industry deals with some of the most technologically diverse pieces of commercially available machinery worldwide — cars and trucks. As these machines continue to evolve and the technology under the hood becomes more complex, ensuring that every wire, electrical connection, and more meets the strict safety standards remains a high point of emphasis.  [...]

High-Speed Digitizer Advantages

GaGe is a worldwide industry leader in high speed data acquisition solutions featuring a portfolio of the highest performance digitizers, PC oscilloscope and spectrum analayzer software, powerful SDKs for custom application development, and turnkey integrated PC-based measurement systems. Some of the primary advantages of selecting GaGe digitizers for your application include: Digitizer Effective Number of [...]



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