Whitepaper: How to Work Safely with High-Voltage Test & Measurement Equipment

How to Work Safely with High-Voltage Test & Measurement Equipment Vitrek’s advanced 4700 High Voltage Meter and SmartProbes offer alternative to legacy approach to calibrating high-voltage systems. INTRODUCTION When working with high-voltage test and measurement equipment, electrical and test engineers strive to achieve the most precise readings possible while also maintaining [...]

Why You Need Automotive Cable Tests Before Cars Hit the Road

The automotive industry deals with some of the most technologically diverse pieces of commercially available machinery worldwide — cars and trucks. As these machines continue to evolve and the technology under the hood becomes more complex, ensuring that every wire, electrical connection, and more meets the strict safety standards remains a high point of emphasis.  [...]

Cable Testing Applications

Vitrek Products for Cable Testing Applications Cable/Wire Testing Overview Cable testing is important in any industry that relies on cables for its operation. Cable testing is important for compliance and regulations because it helps ensure that cables meet the necessary requirements and standards set by regulatory bodies or industry [...]


Automotive Cable & Harness Testing Made Easy – EE World June 2022

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High Precision Portable Signal Generators and Calibrators: Everything You Need to Know

High precision portable signal generators are portable electronic devices that generate highly precise signals for testing, system calibration, sensor simulation, troubleshooting, and monitoring. Unlike the benchtop signal generators that are used in laboratories, these hand-held portable devices are designed to be used in the field. The best high precision portable signal generators are also [...]


Webinar Recap: Cable Testing Systems

For over thirty years, Vitrek has been a leading provider of high-quality, multi-functional electrical and high voltage testing equipment. Based in San Diego, CA, Vitrek is an internationally recognized electrical and safety test equipment manufacturer supplying customers in 30 countries. Vitrek designs and manufactures cutting-edge test equipment used in industries such as aerospace, military, medical, [...]

The Growing Need for Industry 4.0 Testing and Validation Tools

Industry 4.0 means that manufacturers need to test and validate more sensors. MTI Instruments 1510A portable signal generator can help. Industry 4.0 is spurring a dramatic increase in the number of sensors that manufacturers need to install, test, validate, and maintain. Although these industrial sensors are packaged to withstand harsh environments, they’re still [...]

Press Release: Vitrek Announces New SE Series High Voltage Safety Enclosures

Vitrek Announces the SE Series of High Voltage Safety Enclosures The SE Series offers the utmost in operator safety for high voltage testing with solid aluminum frame construction, a durable acrylic cover and a magnetic interlock safety switch.   […]

Product Education & Training

Education & Training Vibration Measurement & Engine Rotor Balancing High-Speed Data Acquisition Products for Streaming Applications Industry Application Webinars Test & Measurement Solutions for Semiconductor Manufacturers GaGe Digitizers in Ultrasonic Applications Electrical Safety & Compliance Testing [...]


White Paper: Cable & Connector Test System Facilitates Multi-Point High Voltage/Current Testing

White Paper: Cable & Connector Test System Facilitates Multi-Point High Voltage/Current Testing Introduction Hipot testing is critical in assuring compliance with a host of electrical safety standards and in confirming the assembled product is free from electrical or mechanical defects. Hipot testers are used to measure leakage current and insulation resistance between all components [...]


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