Video: GaGe Products for the Semiconductor Industry

Video: MTI Products for the Semiconductor Industry

MTI Instruments Whitepaper: Capacitance Guide to Industrial Applications

Capacitance Guide to Industrial Applications This guide from MTI Instruments explains what you need to know about using electrical capacitance for measurement in industrial applications, including advanced manufacturing. Basic Principles Capacitance is the ratio of the change in an electric charge to the corresponding change [...]

Whitepaper: Why Capacitance? Benefits and Applications of Digital Capacitive Sensors

Industry applications illustrate the versatility and benefits of today's digital capacitive sensor technology. The electrical capacitance formed between a capacitance probe and target surface varies as a function of the distance, or gap, between those two surfaces.

MTI Video: Wafer Inspection and Metrology Tutorial (Proforma 300i)   Learn More Download this brochure to learn more about the Proforma 300i wafer measurement system for semiconducting and semi-insulating wafers. This article in AZO Sensors also provides information.

Case-In-Point: Step Height Measurement (Thickness) of Copper Foil or EV Battery Film on a Roller Rig

Step Height Measurement (Thickness) of Copper Foil or EV Battery Film on a Roller Rig Leverage MTI Instruments’ digital Accumeasure system to measure the thickness of the material used as anode and cathode plates in rechargeable Li-Ion battery cells Many roll-to-roll finishing processes typically use a calender, or series of hard pressure rollers, to [...]

Film Sound Quality Control

Customer Case In performing quality control of the sound quality on film, the customer requires a fairly slow sampling and very high vertical resolution. Because the customer does not produce the actual film, there is a need to double-check the sound quality before it hits the theatres. Being sound, the highest frequency component is [...]



Industry Semiconductor Applications Gaas Substrate Thickness Measurement Measurement Type Thickness Description Measuring Thickness of Wafers with Different Chemistries Introduction: Silicon wafers are ordinarily highly conductive and easy to measure with standard capacitive displacement sensors (See MTI’s Proforma 300i). Measuring the thickness of GaAs wafers that have high bulk [...]



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