Article: Advanced Test Equipment Enables LED Lighting Manufacturers to Ensure Compliance with Standards-August,

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Press Release: Vitrek Offers Metrologists Laboratory-Level Accuracy in a Portable, Battery Operated DC Calibrator

Vitrek Offers Metrologists Laboratory-Level Accuracy in a Portable, Battery-Operated DC Calibrator The XiTRON 2000 Series provides flexibility when calibrating thermocouple, pressure, flow and DC voltage instrumentation; portable DC calibrator’s performance rivals costlier devices traditionally used in lab settings   […]

Vitrek to Launch New DL Series of DC Loads

This month, Vitrek introduced a new product to our ever-expanding catalog of high-voltage testing and measurement equipment. Our latest product, the DL Series Electronic DC Load, is intended to improve testing for a series of power supplies, testers, and drivers. The new device is designed to be accurate, flexible, and easy-to-use, rivaling all other similar [...]

Press Release: Vitrek Launches New Programmable DC Load Product

Vitrek Launches Best-In-Class Programmable DC Load Product The Vitrek DL Series offers industry-leading performance in 125W-500W applications; supports best-in-class transient loading capability (from 0.1µW resolution to 14.5kW pulses); features high-speed pulse loading up to 100 kHz; boasts up to ten times better measurement accuracy.   […]

DL Series Electronic DC Load

DL Series Electronic DC Load Buy Now Request a FREE Demo! Download Datasheet View Downloads Industry’s Easiest-To-Use DC Load - Vitrek’s DL Series Electronic Loads are available in a multiple configurations to meet your unique application requirements. No other electronic DC load on the market [...]



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