Safety Recommendations for Setting Up a Hipot Testing Workstation

Hipot testing is necessary for ensuring the electrical safety compliance of electronic equipment. However, testing the voltage on commercial equipment can result in errors and even death if the operators have not been properly trained on the importance of establishing a safe testing environment. Before any tests are performed, operators should be thoroughly trained on [...]

Article: Advanced Test Equipment Enables LED Lighting Manufacturers to Ensure Compliance with Standards-August,

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Cable Testing Applications

Vitrek Products for Cable Testing Applications Cable/Wire Testing Overview Cable testing is important in any industry that relies on cables for its operation. Cable testing is important for compliance and regulations because it helps ensure that cables meet the necessary requirements and standards set by regulatory bodies or industry [...]


Automotive Cable & Harness Testing Made Easy – EE World June 2022

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Webinar Recap: Cable Testing Systems

For over thirty years, Vitrek has been a leading provider of high-quality, multi-functional electrical and high voltage testing equipment. Based in San Diego, CA, Vitrek is an internationally recognized electrical and safety test equipment manufacturer supplying customers in 30 countries. Vitrek designs and manufactures cutting-edge test equipment used in industries such as aerospace, military, medical, [...]

Press Release: Vitrek Announces New SE Series High Voltage Safety Enclosures

Vitrek Announces the SE Series of High Voltage Safety Enclosures The SE Series offers the utmost in operator safety for high voltage testing with solid aluminum frame construction, a durable acrylic cover and a magnetic interlock safety switch.   […]

SE Series Safety Enclosures

SE Series Safety Enclosures Buy Now Request a FREE Demo! Download Data Sheet Safety First!  Vitrek's SE Series of high voltage safety enclosures are designed to prevent the potential of electrical shock when performing electrical tests. The enclosure comes standard with a magnetic safety interlock switch and [...]


Functions & Features of Advanced Hipot Testers – as published in Test & Measurement Tips – 6/18

Functions and Features of Advanced Hipot Testers June 18, 2018 by Lee Teschler Modern instruments help to check whether manufactured equipment meets the proliferating variety of international safety standards that govern factors such as grounding and the ability to withstand overvoltages. KEVIN CLARK, VITREK Electrical safety testers — often referred to as hipot testers — [...]

Vendors Support Hipot, Insulation-Resistance and Ground-Bond Tests- as seen in Rick’s Blog on the EE Website – 7/18

Vendors Support Hipot, Insulation-Resistance and Ground Bond Tests by Rick Nelson - Evaluation Engineering - July 2018 To meet the requirements of your electrical safety testing applications, you can choose from a variety of instruments and systems that perform hipot, insulation resistance (IR), ground-resistance and ground-bond (GB) tests across a range of industries. Vendors offer [...]

Picking the Right Hipot Tester For The Job – as published in Power Systems Design Magazine – 9/2018

Picking the Right Hipot Tester for the Job Understanding the testing requirements and standards will ultimately save testing time and cost. By Kevin Clark, CEO, Vitrek Hipot testers offer a range of capabilities starting with dielectric withstand and insulation resistance testing but also, in many instances, providing accurate low-resistance measurements and low-resistance/high-current outputs to test [...]


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