This month, Vitrek introduced a new product to our ever-expanding catalog of high-voltage testing and measurement equipment. Our latest product, the DL Series Electronic DC Load, is intended to improve testing for a series of power supplies, testers, and drivers. The new device is designed to be accurate, flexible, and easy-to-use, rivaling all other similar DC loads on the market with superior performance and results.

Our goal with this new DC load is to give users the ability to conduct real-world testing on their equipment, and the loading sequence, featuring up to 100 potential loading and testing steps, allows you to do just that. The easy-to-use color touchscreen maps out every control and reading this instrument offers, including setup, measurement configuration, and channel selection. 

The DL Series Electronic DC Load’s measurements are accurate with a 0.05% margin of error, with 20μs sweep steps and up to 100 kHz of pulsed loading. When your results are loaded and processed, the DL series gives you an X/Y graphing chart containing your V vs. I and V vs. P characteristics, as well as historical data logging.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the DL Series is that it is compact enough to be used in any setting. Measuring at 5” x 8.5” x 13”, you won’t have to worry about this being another clunky piece of equipment that takes up space in your work setting. The device also is compatible with LAN, USB, and I/O interfaces, and multiple units can be used at the same time.

As with all of our Vitrek products, the DL Series Electronic DC Load is 100% created and manufactured in the United States. When you turn to Vitrek for your high-voltage testing and measurement equipment, you are supporting an American-made company that is providing jobs for our citizens and helping to put dollars into our economy. We are proud to have our headquarters located in the USA and plan on keeping this standard in place.

With the release of the DL Series Electronic DC Load, we at Vitrek are continuing to bring new and innovative solutions to high-voltage equipment testing and loading. If your company is in need of new DC loads, contact Vitrek today to learn more about our pricing guide and how we can negotiate a buying plan that works under your budget.