Ensuring the proper operation of your aircraft engine is essential to complying with manufacturers guidelines for the safety and longevity of the aircraft. Ensuring engines are not operating outside acceptible vibration limits and operating optimally isn’t just smart, it is vital to your business. Excessive engine vibration can lead to cracked turbine, fan and compressor components potentially leading to catastrophic failure. The costs of catastrophic engine failure due to an unbalanced engine can measure in the millions of dollars. As airlines push to get more and more life out of their aging fleets, the need to properly maintain the aircraft and its engines is ever increasing. Yet the time and cost of doing vibration and balancing of turbine engines tends to drive maintenance teams to perform these as minimally required.

To keep up with required maintenance, typical methods of turbine engine balancing require maintenance personnel to run the engine at least 4-5 times which is both expensive and time consuming.  MTI Instruments PBS-4100+ Portable Vibration and Balancing System dramatically reduces both the time required as well as the cost because the system and its balancing wizard can determine the best possible balance solution after only a single additional run after the baseline.

We have developed the PBS ROI calculator to help visualize your savings per year leveraging the PBS-4100+ Portable Vibration and Balancing System for Commercial Jet Engines. See how much you can save here.

We also have an ROI calculator for our PBS eXpress Vibration and Balancing System, which is specifically built for Business and Regional Jet Engines. See how much you can save here.