Aviation NewsBrief: Industry Growth Faces Trained Technician Shortage

Introduction Prior to the COVID pandemic, the average age of a highly trained aircraft technician was 57. The airline industry, like so many others, reacted to the pandemic by reducing operations and offering early retirement as way of balancing the workforce with demand. Now the airline industry is experiencing unprecedented growth and [...]

Video: GaGe Products for the Semiconductor Industry

GaGe Whitepaper: Use of a PC-Based Digitizer in a Medical Acoustic Microscopy System

Use of a PC-Based Digitzer in a Medical Acoustic Microscopy System By Andrew Dawson, Ph. D-GaGe (a Vitrek brand) Introduction ABSTRACT: Construction of a medical acoustic microscopy system is discussed with focus upon usage of a PC-based high-performance GaGe RazorMax digitizer. Three main aspects of [...]

GaGe Whitepaper: Ground-Breaking Lightning Study Uses GaGe Razor Express High-Speed Digitizer

Ground-Breaking Lightning Study Uses GaGe Razor Express High-Speed Digitizer By Gerald Allgaier, GaGe (a Vitrek brand) Introduction Razor Express digitizer is an integral part of VHF broadband interferometer designed to investigate high-energy radiation from lightning strikes and multi-stroke positive cloud-to-ground flashes. A doctoral dissertation published [...]

Ultrasonic Tissue Characterization

Ultrasonic Tissue Characterization Customer Case This customer's application is Ultrasonic Tissue Characterization. Their ultrasonic sensors transmit 16 signals. The customer's requirement is to capture 512 points on the 16 channels, average them together, and then store the data in a buffer, with the system running continuously. They would like to be able to update [...]


Digitizing Ultrasonic Signals

Digitizing Ultrasonic Signals Customer Case The customer has an ultrasonic signal that he wants to digitize with either 8 or 12-bit resolution. The sampling rate required for this application is a minimum of 16 MSPS (20 MSPS is acceptable). Finally, the data must be acquired for a full 10 seconds. The data is not [...]


Digital Ultrasonic Array Data Capture

Digital Ultrasonic Array Data Capture Customer Case A customer possesses a commercial medical diagnostic ultrasonic system. The ultrasonic sensing head consists of an ultrasonic generator transducer and an 8' x 8' two-dimensional array of receiver transducers. The sensing head is pressed against the tissue under study and the generation transducer is periodically excited so [...]


Arbitrary Ultrasonic Generator

Arbitrary Ultrasonic Generator Customer Case Ultrasonic generation pulses must be varied to accommodate different types of ultrasonic transducers. General-purpose highly damped contact transducers are usually excited by a wideband, spike-like pulse that is provided by many common pulser/receiver units. Lightly damped transducers, used for example in high power generation, require a narrowband tone-burst excitation [...]


Pipeline Testing

Pipeline Testing Customer Case The customer wants to test pipelines for corrosion and cracks. They intend to use a small robot which they can send into the pipeline. This robot's purpose is to test the pipe by ultrasound and magnetic field for cracks, corrosion and other damage. The customer is using 2 different types [...]



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