Article: Advanced Test Equipment Enables LED Lighting Manufacturers to Ensure Compliance with Standards-August,

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How Vitrek Can Give Colleges and Vocational Schools a Boost

Training tomorrow’s scientists, engineers, and technicians can prove an exhausting job for educators. You need to ensure the curriculum meets the highest academic standards, the students remain engaged, and the classrooms are equipped with the best equipment possible. As they move on from your classrooms, you want to ensure they’re ready to face whatever challenges [...]

Functions & Features of Advanced Hipot Testers – as published in Test & Measurement Tips – 6/18

Functions and Features of Advanced Hipot Testers June 18, 2018 by Lee Teschler Modern instruments help to check whether manufactured equipment meets the proliferating variety of international safety standards that govern factors such as grounding and the ability to withstand overvoltages. KEVIN CLARK, VITREK Electrical safety testers — often referred to as hipot testers — [...]


Vendors Support Hipot, Insulation-Resistance and Ground-Bond Tests- as seen in Rick’s Blog on the EE Website – 7/18

Vendors Support Hipot, Insulation-Resistance and Ground Bond Tests by Rick Nelson - Evaluation Engineering - July 2018 To meet the requirements of your electrical safety testing applications, you can choose from a variety of instruments and systems that perform hipot, insulation resistance (IR), ground-resistance and ground-bond (GB) tests across a range of industries. Vendors offer [...]



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