MTI Instruments Whitepaper: Capacitance Guide to Industrial Applications

Capacitance Guide to Industrial Applications This guide from MTI Instruments explains what you need to know about using electrical capacitance for measurement in industrial applications, including advanced manufacturing. Basic Principles Capacitance is the ratio of the change in an electric charge to the corresponding change [...]

Case-In-Point: High-Accuracy Capacitive Thickness Measurement Optimizes Li-Ion EV Battery Plate Qualities

High-Accuracy Capacitive Thickness Measurement Optimizes Li-Ion EV Battery Plate Qualities EV Battery manufacturers need to measure EV battery plate thickness with a high degree of precision (repeatable <2um accuracy and resolution) to optimize manufacturing efficiencies while maintaining uniform cell capacity and minimizing waste. The MTI Accumeasure System provides an effective means of monitoring [...]

Cable Testing Applications

Vitrek Products for Cable Testing Applications Cable/Wire Testing Overview Cable testing is important in any industry that relies on cables for its operation. Cable testing is important for compliance and regulations because it helps ensure that cables meet the necessary requirements and standards set by regulatory bodies or industry [...]


Silicon Carbide vs. Silicon in EV Power Electronics

Compare silicon carbide vs. silicon for electric vehicle (EV) power electronics and learn about SiC wafer measurement. As demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow, manufacturers are comparing two semiconductor technologies, silicon carbide and silicon, for power electronics applications. Silicon carbide (SiC) provides the high temperature resistance, low power consumption, rigidity, and [...]

Measure Wafer Bow, Warp and TTV with Capacitance

The flatness of silicon wafers used to manufacture integrated circuits is controlled to tight tolerances to help ensure that the whole wafer is sufficiently flat for lithographic processing. To ensure your wafer manufacturing process is within tolerance, you need to measure the wafers being produced. Various measurement techniques exist to verify process tolerances and [...]

Product Education & Training

Education & Training Vibration Measurement & Engine Rotor Balancing High-Speed Data Acquisition Products for Streaming Applications Industry Application Webinars Test & Measurement Solutions for Semiconductor Manufacturers GaGe Digitizers in Ultrasonic Applications Electrical Safety & Compliance Testing [...]


Common Test and Calibration Uses of the 1510A Portable Signal Generator

Powerful Ways the Portable 1510A Can Be Used In The Field As one of the most versatile and powerful hand-held signal generators on the market, the 1510A is a two-channel, battery-powered, microprocessor-controlled direct digital signal generator. It has an average battery life of 3 hours of continuous use. Weighing in at [...]


What is a displacement sensor?

What are Displacement Sensors (Displacement Gauges) and Dimension Measurement Systems? What is a displacement sensor? A displacement sensor (displacement gauge) is primarily used to measure the range of where an object has to travel and in relation to a reference position. Displacement sensors have multiple uses. Its primary use is for dimension measurement to [...]


Selecting a Displacement Sensor / Measuring System

Capacitive displacement sensors Capacitive displacement sensors are non-contact devices that are used for measurements at a high-resolution. It can also be used to check the position of any conductive object as well as measure the width or density of non-conductive materials. Capacitive displacement sensors have a large variety of uses including precision thickness measurements, [...]


Target Material and Characteristics

Target Material and Characteristics Transparent/Opaque Targets There are a number of measurement systems that are capable of measuring a target that is opaque. When it comes to transparent targets, the measurement system being used must match the material of the target being measured. For example, if you’re attempting to measure plastic you should use [...]



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