Article: Solving the Shortage of Aviation Technicians Through Product Design

he MRO industry is seeing an exodus of retiring mechanics — even as fewer young mechanics sign up to enter the trade. Exacerbating the situation is the extensive training and dated equipment aspiring technicians must contend with before they can join the workforce.

A Comprehensive Guide to Non-Contact Sensors and Their Applications

A Comprehensive Guide to Non-Contact Sensors and Their ApplicationsSensors, both contact and non-contact, are crucial devices that allow the monitoring, detection, and reaction to conditions in an environment or within a process or piece of equipment. While myriad types of sensors exist and are designed to monitor varying conditions, all of them can be characterized [...]

Weathering the storm: Keys to resiliency in MRO

Weathering the storm: Keys to resiliency in MRO By Ken Ameika It’s no secret that COVID-19 has adversely affected the airline industry, and consequently the MRO and test cell markets. But the impacts are nuanced.  Commercial aircraft utilization is way down; meanwhile, freight carrier business is expanding markedly. Operators are spending less; but they [...]

How Aircraft Operators Reduce Downtime While “Sweating the Assets”

In a recent article called “UPS Gives Old Jets New Life,” Bloomberg reports how United Parcel Service (UPS) is replacing the cockpit computers on its Airbus SE freighters in order to reduce downtime, increase productivity, and avoid large capital expenses. Known as “sweating the assets,” this business strategy is also benefitting the two aviation [...]

Industry 4.0 for Test and Measurement

Industry 4.0 promises greater integration, interoperability, and information exchange. This Fourth Wave of the Industrial Revolution isn’t about a single technology such as machine learning. It’s not just about artificial intelligence (AI) or Big Data either. Rather, Industry 4.0 is a family of connected technologies that will enable industry to collect, analyze, and act [...]

Navy Orders Avionics Test and Measurement Systems

The U.S. Navy wants new avionics test and measurement systems. Under the terms of a $109-million award, the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division in Lakehurst, New Jersey will buy 41 electronic consolidated automated support systems (eCASS) from Lockheed Martin. This test and measurement equipment helps soldiers and Marines troubleshoot and repair aviation electronics [...]

The Top Five Trends Impacting Test and Measurement for 2019

With 2019 upon us, we know everyone is thinking about what's next in the Test and Measurement industry.   We also know that without test and measurement equipment, engineers can't accurately and consistently prove that their mechanical or electronic devices perform as required. When they don't work, engineers also need to determine why and how to [...]

About Wafer Bow And Warp Measurement Systems

Semiconductor/Solar Wafer Bow And Warp Metrology/Surface About Wafer Bow And Warp Measurement Systems Thickness Measurement for Metrology Systems ASTM F657: The distance through a wafer between corresponding points on the front and back surface. Thickness is expressed in microns or mils (thousandths of an inch). Total [...]


A Tutorial on Capacitors Introduction A capacitor is a passive electrical component comprised of two terminals. And together with inductors and resistors, they are the most basic components used inelectrical circuits. For a fact, it’s quite rare to come across a circuit that doesn’t have a capacitor. Fig 1: Different types of capacitors [...]



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