MTI Video: Wafer Inspection and Metrology Tutorial (Proforma 300i)   Learn More Download this brochure to learn more about the Proforma 300i wafer measurement system for semiconducting and semi-insulating wafers. This article in AZO Sensors also provides information.


Industry Semiconductor Applications Gaas Substrate Thickness Measurement Measurement Type Thickness Description Measuring Thickness of Wafers with Different Chemistries Introduction: Silicon wafers are ordinarily highly conductive and easy to measure with standard capacitive displacement sensors (See MTI’s Proforma 300i). Measuring the thickness of GaAs wafers that have high bulk [...]



Thickness Measurement for Metrology Systems ASTM F657: The distance through a wafer between corresponding points on the front and back surface. Thickness is expressed in microns or mils (thousandths of an inch). Total Thickness Variation (TTV) ASTM F657: The difference between the maximum and minimum values of thickness encountered [...]


Creating a Compensation File for a Recipe for the Proforma 300iSA – Video

A Comprehensive Guide to Non-Contact Sensors and Their Applications

A Comprehensive Guide to Non-Contact Sensors and Their ApplicationsSensors, both contact and non-contact, are crucial devices that allow the monitoring, detection, and reaction to conditions in an environment or within a process or piece of equipment. While myriad types of sensors exist and are designed to monitor varying conditions, all of them can be characterized [...]

The Benefits of Manual, Semi-Automated, and Fully-Automated Systems for Semiconductor Wafer Inspection and Metrology

This is the third of three articles in Semiconductor Wafer Measurement for Increased Profitability. The first article in this series explains why disc geometry matters. The second article examines the cost of failing to inspect semiconductor wafers. Fully automated systems that can load, scan, and unload wafers are fast, convenient, and efficient at high [...]


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