MTI Instruments Whitepaper: Capacitance Guide to Industrial Applications

Capacitance Guide to Industrial Applications This guide from MTI Instruments explains what you need to know about using electrical capacitance for measurement in industrial applications, including advanced manufacturing. Basic Principles Capacitance is the ratio of the change in an electric charge to the corresponding change [...]

Whitepaper: Semiconductor Wafer Measurement for Increased Productivity

Semiconductor Wafer Measurement for Increased Productivity This three-part article describes how manufacturers leverage capacitance-based inspection systems for semiconductor wafers. The article reviews best-practices, consequences of failing to inspect semiconductor wafers and benefits of using semi-automated, fully-automated and manual systems for wafer metrology and inspection. Part 1: Why Disc [...]


Industry Semiconductor Applications Gaas Substrate Thickness Measurement Measurement Type Thickness Description Measuring Thickness of Wafers with Different Chemistries Introduction: Silicon wafers are ordinarily highly conductive and easy to measure with standard capacitive displacement sensors (See MTI’s Proforma 300i). Measuring the thickness of GaAs wafers that have high bulk [...]


Displacement Measurement

Types of Displacement Measurement Run-Out/Vibration There are many ways to measure run-out/vibration including the type of measurement system, run-out or vibration (direction), and environment where the system is being installed. Choosing the wrong kind of equipment can lead to drastic consequences. You can run into issues such as increased man-hours during production and [...]


What is a displacement sensor?

What are Displacement Sensors (Displacement Gauges) and Dimension Measurement Systems? What is a displacement sensor? A displacement sensor (displacement gauge) is primarily used to measure the range of where an object has to travel and in relation to a reference position. Displacement sensors have multiple uses. Its primary use is for dimension measurement to [...]


Selecting a Displacement Sensor / Measuring System

Capacitive displacement sensors Capacitive displacement sensors are non-contact devices that are used for measurements at a high-resolution. It can also be used to check the position of any conductive object as well as measure the width or density of non-conductive materials. Capacitive displacement sensors have a large variety of uses including precision thickness measurements, [...]


Target Material and Characteristics

Target Material and Characteristics Transparent/Opaque Targets There are a number of measurement systems that are capable of measuring a target that is opaque. When it comes to transparent targets, the measurement system being used must match the material of the target being measured. For example, if you’re attempting to measure plastic you should use [...]


What is Measurement?

Measurement is about determining the quantifiable attributes of a target object. Examples of these attributes include: length weight distance thickness position capacity size The following sections explain more about what measurement is – and isn’t. Why is measurement misunderstood? Sometimes, people use the term “measure” instead of “calculate” or “quantify”. All these terms are [...]



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