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Fall is around the corner, which means that it’s one of the most exciting times of the year for Vitrek! September and October promise to be months filled with plenty of events, from trade shows to conferences and webinars. As a leading provider of safety and electrical test equipment, Vitrek is proud to present our growth to locations all around the country. Join us in our upcoming shows and learn more about what to expect with each new event!

Our Upcoming Shows

Vitrek is excited to announce our upcoming shows in 2022, which include:

  • IEEE ISPCE 2022 on September 20-22 in sunny San Diego, CA
  • ATE San Diego Test Symposium on October 18 in Roselle, CA
  • NBAA BACE Trade Show in Booth #4688 on October 18-20th in Orlando, FL
  • AOC Old Crows Convention at the Gigatronic Booth on October 25 in Washington, DC
  • ASNT Conference in Booth #1111 on October 31- November 3 in Nashville, TN

The International Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering (ISPCE) promises to be a wonderful event opening up our busy months where you can learn more about how we continue to provide safe and effective solutions that keep products safe. Meet us a month later at the San Diego Test Symposium as you get your hands on the industry’s finest instruments and tools and poke the brains of our leading experts. 

Our October festivities begin with the ATE San Diego Test Symposium on the 18th in Roselle, CA. We’ll also be in Orlando from the 18th to the 20th at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition. Join us at Booth 4688 as you engage with the community that’s shaping the aviation industry for years to come. We round out the month with two upcoming trade shows at the AOC Old Crows Convention and the ASNT Conference. Our busy end of the month takes us from our Nation’s Capital to the heart of Music City, and you can join us on all the fun by registering now!

Don’t Forget Our Upcoming Webinars

Our webinars provide plenty of ways to learn about products, including our equipment from MTI Instruments, so join us for a virtual product training on September 15 at 1 PM (EST). This webinar will break down aviation software that leads to better vibration measurement and engine rotor balancing. Our FREE webinar will be open for questions throughout the session and offer individuals a wide range of information on enhancement and benefits. Register online for our webinar, and don’t forget to keep up to date with any future webinars or events.

Register Now and Don’t Miss Out on One of Our Most Exciting Months!

Vitrek is always on the move, but these next few months promise to be one of the busiest yet. With plenty of information to soak in, engage in interesting discussions and experience the product safety sector’s growth through industry experts’ eyes. Keep up to date with all we have to offer in the present and future by scouring our news and events page or bookmarking our upcoming webinars.