MicroTrak 4 Over a LAN for Ethernet Signaling


The MicroTrak 4, which is a USB device, can also be used over a LAN or even CAT 5e/6/7 wiring with additional hardware to convert the USB sensor to Ethernet signaling.

MicroTrak Lan

The devices required to run over the LAN or direct CAT wire are Icron USB 2.0 Ranger 2301GE-LAN extender system. The MicroTtrak 4 basic software then runs on the host computer.  The LAN does not have to be dedicated; it can be a switched network supporting other Ethernet devices.


The company can be found at icron.com, The devices list  for about $350 (USD).

More information can be found at https://www.icronshop.com/datasheet/Ranger-2301.pdf

Other devices may be available to perform USB over Ethernet. This configuration for the MictoTrak 4 has been tested at MTI and found to work.