Vitrek Acquires MTI Instruments, Expanding Its Portfolio of Precision Measurement Solutions

Vitrek’s product portfolio now includes precision measurement tools for applications including turbine balancing and vibration analysis and non-contact measurements

Poway, CA – April 13, 2022Vitrek, the leader in high-voltage test and measurement equipment and board-level data acquisition systems, announces the acquisition of MTI Instruments, a U.S.-based manufacturer of sophisticated test and measurement equipment. MTI Instruments’ precision tools, systems and solutions are utilized in non-contact metrology, position, displacement and vibration applications within the design, QA/QC, manufacturing, production, test and research markets. Products include:

MTI Instruments’ products benefit a variety of industries and applications. For example, commercial aviation companies and the U.S. Military rely on vibration analysis and engine trim balance test solutions to identify any jet engine problems quickly, ensuring safety while saving both time and maintenance costs. Their custom capacitor sensors are designed to measure displacement and gap with non-contact force in applications including lens focusing, Piezo positioning, sheet metal thickness, gap measurement as well as flatness and alignment.

“The acquisition of MTI Instruments represents a significant expansion of the range of precision instrumentation products Vitrek offers to our vital industries,” said Don Millstein, Vitrek’s president. “We welcome MTI Instrument’s sales, engineering and manufacturing teams to the Vitrek family — as we continue providing both Vitrek and MTI customers with top level sales , technical support and product innovation.”

Moshe Binyamin, President and CEO of MTI Instruments, said: “Vitrek is a well-respected test and measurement company with products and a market focus that is perfectly in line with ours. We look forward to combining forces so we can further accelerate our collective growth objectives.”

About MTI Instruments

MTI Instruments is a US-based manufacturer of precision tools, systems and solutions for clients requiring the precise measurement and control of products and processes and for the development and implementation of automated manufacturing, assembly and complex machinery operation. Our product solutions are used in engine vibration analysis systems for military and commercial aircraft applications, industrial manufacturing/production markets and research, design and process development markets.

About Vitrek

Since 1990, Vitrek has provided innovative global solutions for high voltage test and measurement including electrical safety compliance testers, multi-point high voltage switching systems and graphical power analyzers. The recent acquisition of DynamicSignals’ portfolio adds a wide array of board-level data acquisition and integrated real-time RF record/playback system solutions from GaGe, KineticSystems and Signatec. Vitrek also supplies precision high voltage measurement standards to national laboratories and calibration labs around the world. This unique, and complementary, combination of product and engineering capabilities positions Vitrek as a leading provider of test solutions serving the photovoltaic, medical equipment, power conversion, electrical component and appliance industries.