Angle Measurement And Monitoring



So what do sheet metal, speakers, and wine bottles all have in common?
They represent the many angles and profiles that can be measured with laser sensor head.


Numerous applications call for measuring angles such as sheet metal Press Brake applications.

press brake angle measurement

As the Press Brake bends the sheet metal, the controller reads the actual bend angle from the sensor head and can control under/over bending to reduce product waste and time. Sensor measurements can easily be interfaced with Press Brake control systems and allow an operator to:

  • detect the bend angle
  • monitor distortion of the punch and dies
  • monitor and correct flexing

Prior to removing the material from the press

monitoring angle of sheet bending

MTI NI Labview screen showing angle measurement with MTI’s Demo Labview software. This LabVIEW application can be included on your purchase of MTI Protrak TM 2D 3D laser displacement sensor free of charge.

Radius measurements:

Another common measurement that is popular with 2D sensors is diameter or radius of curvature such as on high quality speaker cones to eliminate speakers that have distortion.

Applications might also include measuring the diameter of the plastic capsule used to seal and mark a wine bottle. Similar to what is seen below. If the preformed shape is too small it won’t fit on the bottle creating a bottle neck in the production process. So for your 2D Laser applications give us a call, our application engineers are waiting to check your angles, ensure everything sounds right, and toast your successful vintage. Cheers!