Piezoelectric Device Amplitude


Measuring Piezoelectric device amplitude including piezoceramic, 1-3 PZT/polymer composite and PVDF film

piezoelectric ceramic
A “PZT ” is a piezoelectric device which generates motion when a voltage is applied across the crystal.

The motion can be anywhere from DC to ultrasonic and the motion is typically very small.

PZT devices are used to generate sound and to convert voltage to motion. MTI’s MTI-2100 controller in conjunction with a High resolution fiber optic probe such as the MTI-2032RX module makes an ideal displacement measuring instrument to monitor motion from static to over 100 kHz . The small sensing area of the MTI-2032RX probe also supports R&D work on small ceramic samples.

Fiber Optic Measurement

Typically the PZT actuator motion is very small and multiple actuators are stacked to get larger displacement (motion). MTI’s 2032RX probe is capable of measuring down to Angstroms if the bandwidth is small and microns if the bandwidth is large.

MTI 2100 Fotonic Sensor
Being non-contact, it does not affect or influence the target motion or dampen the vibration amplitude. A fiber optic probe contains a set of light transmit and light receive fibers, available in several different configurations. The light intensity is monitored, which is proportional to the distance between the probe tip and the target being measured.

MTI 2100 Fotonic Sensor with Callouts to InterfaceThe LCD display on the Fotonic 2100 fiber optic measurement system provides peak to peak amplitude measurements of the PZT element in both English and metric units while and a rear panel BNC connector provides “real-time” output waveform data. This waveform can be analyzed to determine frequency, amplitude and consistency of the PZT element output, which is helpful in analyzing new designs as well as detecting element defects.The MTI-2032RX, offers a frequency response of 100 kHz, a small target footprint of 0.5 mm and an output resolution of 5 nano-meters.

Also see Application note on using a spectrum analyzer to achieve Angstrom resolution with the MTI-2100 in PZT applications.