Signatec Adds New Features to Its DsScope Signal Recording Software

Popular signal recording application requires no programming; New features expand and enhance functionality

Lockport, IL—January 12, 2023— Signatec, a US-based manufacturer of signal recording systems, announces three significant feature additions to its DsScope Windows-based signal recording software. DsScope is a Windows-based PC oscilloscope application that requires no programming and allows the operator to: view/edit all digitizer hardware settings, display the acquired signal data for analysis, and conduct real-time signal recording monitored operations to drive storage. The new feature upgrades are designed to expand and enhance the functionality of the software platform.

Here is a quick summary of DsScope’s three new features.

  1. Multiple, Defined Digitizer Systems – Support of multiple digitizers can now be defined and added for operations within a single running instance of DsScope
  2. Server and Remote Client Editions with Script-Based Operations Support – Multiple systems running the new DsScope Server Edition can be accessed and operated as remote nodes with a single user interface over an Ethernet network
  3. Save/Restore Display Plot Configurations Capable of saving targeted display plots, including customized defined color schemes and layouts, along with configuration files; thus, obviating the need to manually re-apply display settings when loading saved system configurations

“DsScope greatly simplifies conducting real-time signal recordings with live monitoring of acquired data,” said Gerald Allgaier, Signatec’s Systems Specialist. “Responding to direct feedback from our customers, we’ve added new features so that DsScope offers even more time-saving functionality.”

Click here or visit the Signatec website for a more extensive description of DsScope’s features and functions, as well as information on our full line of High-Speed Data Acquisition products.

Signatec, a Vitrek brand, is a US-based producer of PC-based hardware and software signal data recording systems featuring embedded programmable FPGA, DSP and arbitrary waveform generation/playback capabilities. Signatec systems combine the performance features of oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and signal generators delivering fully integrated solutions. Established in 1988, Signatec’s advanced high-speed and real-time products are used in signal technology applications for aerospace and defense, SIGINT, radar, high-speed communications, laboratory test & measurement, medical Imaging and more