Closed-loop System to Monitor and Control Conductive Film Thickness During Manufacturing

This animation demonstrates how Accumeasure with capacitance probes can be used as a solution to measure and control conductive film thickness in a production line where these measurements can be fed back to a controller which adjusts the roller(s) to increase or decrease the gap to keep the film’s thickness within specification. The MTI Instruments Capacitive system has greater than 100 nm resolution and 1um accuracy. This solution is appropriate for measuring the following:

  • EV battery plate thickness
  • Non-woven conductive material thickness
  • Conductive film thickness
  • Roll-to-roll conductive material thickness
  • Conductive flexible web thickness
  • Continuous sheet conductive material thickness
  • Step height film thickness
  • Step height conductive film thickness
  • EV anode plate thickness
  • EV cathode plate thickness

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