Signal Buffer ConditionerMTI Instruments is solving signal distribution challenges with a new product, the BC804 signal buffer conditioner. Now available as part of a limited production run, the BC804 acts as a buffered amplifier and is optimized for ultra-sensitive measurement equipment.

When a single signal must be distributed to multiple instruments, one shortened output can affect the others. The BC804 solves this signal-distribution challenge by providing eight fully independent and isolated buffer amplifier channels.

With the BC804, each channel has one input and four buffered outputs. Each output can tolerate a short without failure and won’t affect the other outputs. Equipped with robust electronics, the BC804 detects and redistributes a high-impedance signal to multiple low-impedance consumers of that signal.

The BC804 signal buffer conditioner also features a flexible design with single-ended or differential signals, optional integrated outputs, and AC or DC coupling. This rack-mountable, fan-out device also has a small form factor with a 1U chassis.

Specifications and schematics for the BC804 are available online. MTI Instruments is offering a limited production run at 40% off standard per channel pricing. Pre-order now to reserve your unit for delivery in 2019.