Vitrek’s Newest Power Analyzer, the PA920 is Now Available!

After tireless preparation, we are proud to announce the latest addition to the Vitrek family of power analyzers, the Ultra-High Accuracy VItrek PA920 Precision Harmonic Power Analyzer! This new product offers 0.024% power accuracy on all channels and has improved voltage and current self-heating adders. This product, like all Vitrek’s power analyzers, boasts faster sampling and bandwidth and higher harmonic frequencies than any competing analyzer on the market.

The Vitrek PA920 series of power analyzers are the most powerful and accurate on the market today, with the 0.024% power accuracy being the fastest currently available across any brand. For maximum flexibility, the PA920 has quick-and-easy channel selection between four different customizable channels, which can handle measurement bandwidths up to 5 MHz. The full performance will factor up to 100:1, providing you with maximum results for even the most difficult power measurements out there.

The PA920 model displays up to 500 harmonics at high power frequencies, with adjustable chart settings for linear or logarithmic amplitudes. It also displays three different VPAs (Virtual Power Analyzers) on the power data screen, as well as waveform acquisition and analysis for up to six signals on the scope view. This model also has a scope view with an unlimited ability to expose fine details, as well as a vector screen that displays voltage and vector levels for each VPA. Finally, the PA920 keeps the history of all results and harmonics up to 397 days.

One of the best parts about our newest power analyzer is how flexible it is to meet any application. It is offered in both a pre-configured model or as a modular package, allowing quick and easy ordering that fits your budget.

This product is manufactured domestically and comes with a two-year parts and labor warranty, as well as a two-year accuracy specs and calibration cycle. The newest PA920 power analyzer is now available on our site for order and for rent, with free demos available as well!

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