LED lighting products and fixtures have helped countless facilities improve their energy efficiency. The lighting and energy industry has done much to improve the overall quality of these products but ensuring that each new iteration meets these new safety and energy standards can prove challenging for engineers and technicians alike.

Industry professionals need the right technology and testing devices to ensure these new products meet the standards set forth by EnergyStar and other voluntary initiatives. The testing equipment can help push things forward in the right direction or identify areas of need before you get too deep in the development process. But how do you get the highest-quality compliance testing products to ensure your LED lights are ready for the market?

PA900 Power Analyzer

Our PA900 power analyzer series focuses on providing accurate performance measurement data, overall energy efficiency, and verification parameters of these LED lighting products. When engineers use these devices throughout the design, testing, production, and verification phases, you can ensure that your new LED lighting products meet these exact industry standards.

Engineers in the field need equipment that’s easy to transport and deploy at a moment’s notice. The user-friendly interface allows you to quickly process the information and identify any areas that need attention.

DL Series Electronic DC Load

Knowing how a particular product performs during the design and production phases helps ensure you maintain consistent performance throughout the entire process. This portable programmable load can help check that your products fall within the acceptable industry parameters. This particular series of products help your engineers ensure the design and production phases go as smoothly as possible.

V7X and 95X Series Hipot Testers

One of the most important phases of the testing process comes during the final product testing phase. This is where you can catch any possible problems with your LED lighting products before they hit the market. You can ensure they will pass the safety certification testing with flying colors.

These hipot testers can check AC and DC hipot levels along with insulation resistance, continuity, and ground-bound levels. The 95X series offers improved accuracy, speed, and drive current compared to comparable devices on the market.

964i High Voltage Switching System

During the final testing phase of production, you want to ensure that the final products have made it through production with their efficiency intact. With one of our high-voltage switching systems in place, you can test up to 10 LED drivers simultaneously without losing any accuracy. Used in conjunction with our hipot testers, you’ll have confidence in your products that they’ll meet the lighting industry’s energy efficiency and safety standards.

Trust Your Testing Equipment With Vitrek

When you need to upgrade your testing equipment to ensure your LED products meet the rigorous energy and safety standards, Vitrek is the name you should trust. We have perfected the design and operation of our products to help ensure your LED lighting designs are up to your standards.

Our mission is to help engineers and technicians ensure they have the testing capabilities to offer full performance for their LED lighting fixtures. Please browse through our inventory and place an order today!