Electronics Parts Profiling


Parts Profiling

MTI’s 2D laser sensors can be used to scan 3D profiles of items such as printed circuit boards to verify all the parts are installed, making sure parts don‚Äôt exceed certain heights or that the part is present.

You can even plot or examine the image intensity profile of the 2D sensor which yields a monochromatic image of the target and this can be used with OCR software or barcode software to recognize product codes, check if labels are present or even to take a picture of the product for QC purposes.

X-Y-Z data plus intensity are all output at a 1 Giga byte data rate to make data collection and measurement quick and easy.Examining the cross section profile of machined parts allows quick checking of screw thread presence as well as checking major/minor diameter and other details. Rotating the screw and using a rotary encoder can generate the whole 360 degree profile.

xyz plot